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Portrait of an Artist:

A Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe

"Portrait of an Artist is in many ways a remarkably informative book. Lisle has created a vivid and sensitive portrait of O'Keeffe as an artist and woman." ~ James R. Mellow, The Saturday Review

"Portrait of an Artist is a superb piece of work in every respect… Clearly journalist Lisle has scooped the art world with an impressive literary debut." ~ James Idema, Smithsonian

Louise Nevelson:

A Passionate Life

"Lisle's admiration and respect for Nevelson's long struggle and enchanted cabinets and walls are always evident, but she lets the evidence speak." ~Michael Brenson, The New York Times Book Review

"Lisle presents a figure whose eroticism seems far richer, far more complex than mere sexual appeal...[seeing] both the pain and the joy surrounding Nevelson's eccentric behavior." ~ Woman's Art Journal

Without Child:

Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness

"This is not only an excellent book, but a true act of courage." 

~ Stephanie Dickison, Canadian Women's Studies

"Laurie Lisle has given us an eloquent and insightful discussion of childlessness and women who end up--by design or default--remaining without child." ~ Anne T. Fleming, Motherhood Deferred 



Four Tenths of an Acre:

Reflections on a Gardening Life

"An elegantly written yet also edgily realistic account of small town, small garden life." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Lisle's cogent meditations on the rewards of working the land and nurturing the soul are elegant, eloquent reminders of the importance of listening to the inner muse." ~ Booklist





Giving Girls a Place of Their Own

"The story of Westover is an engagingly one charmingly told, and it gives a good overview of the shifting notions of what makes a well-educated woman throughout the twentieth century." ~ Feminist Review

"Westover is a fascinating lens into the lives of groundbreaking women whose thoughts on how women should be educated remain captivating--and contentious." ~Republican American