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Four Tenths of an Acre: Reflections on a Gardening Life
Random House, 2005
Thorndike Press, large print edition, 2005
Argo Navis, 2015

Listen to Laurie Lisle discussing "Four Tenths of an Acre" on a radio program, "Between the Covers"

More reviews of Four Tenths of an Acre

"Lisle's writing reminds a reader of Capability Brown, a bit of Gertrude Jekyll, a bit of Katherine White."

The Los Angeles Times

"Lisle is a disciplined and thoughtful worker unafraid of taking on the heavy work required in her garden and at her writing desk. Lisle plants her themes alongside each other so that they complement and harmonize like flowers in a perennial border...She is constantly learning, always observing, unafraid to make changes in her garden and in her life."
Michelle Gillett, The Women's Times

The author "is a graceful and insightful writer who can elevate the simplest gardening activity to inner feelings or broader themes."
Ethel Fried, The Journal Inquirer

"As gardeners try to give shape to nature, Lisle's book does to a life, which is as challenging, complex and resistant to order as a garden. Her work will satisfy armchair gardeners as well as those already elbow-deep in dirt."
Publishers Weekly

"In Laurie Lisle's delightful account of putting together a new life and a new garden in Northwest Connecticut, gardening becomes an engaging metaphor for the pleasures and hazards of everyday living."
Jane Garmey, editor of The Writer in the Garden