Laurie Lisle

writing about the lives of American women, including her own


The best selling biography of one of America's most admired and accomplished painters
The first biography of this extraordinary and enigmatic American sculptor
A book that offers people without children the life-affirming story of themselves
A modern pastoral about transforming a bare backyard into a mature garden
The vivid story of a wonderful way to educate teenage girls from America and around the world

Without Child: Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness
Random HOuse/​Ballantine Books, 1996
Taylor & Francis/​Routledge, 1999
Fembooks, Taiwan, China, 2001
Argo Navis, 2013, 2014, Ingram Spark, 2017

Without Child is now available as a paperback and an eBook with an image of a lily from Laurie's garden on the cover.

A few reviews of Without Child
"Laurie Lisle, by telling her own story and struggle of living childless in a child bearing world, has given a voice to all of us...She bravely and unapologetically talks about issues heretofore rarely feels the electricity and importance of these facts."
Stephanie Dickison, Canadian Women's Studies

“The ‘rejection of parenthood,’ as the author of this carefully researched study found, ‘is a delicate and even dangerous topic’...She points to the many ways a woman’s childlessness, often perceived as selfish, can promote and nurture life-enhancing relationships."
Publisher’s Weekly

"Laurie Lisle has written a timely book assuring us that the true definition of womanhood need not include childbirth.”
Carolyn Heilbrun, author of Writing a Woman’s Life

"This book is a must read for anyone interested in ensuring that women with and without children have freedom to pursue happiness as they themselves define it."
Pamela W. Garner, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

“Lisle establishes a historical context for women without children, thus revealing a much neglected yet crucial aspect of women’s history...infused with sense and sensibility.”