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Louise Nevelson page

Louise Nevelson: A Passionate Life
Simon & Schuster/Summit Books, 1990
Pocket Books/Washington Square Press, 1991
Authors Guild Backinprint, iUniverse, 2001, Open Road, 2017


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Excerpts of Laurie's interview in documentary film titled 
"Nevelson - Awareness in the Fourth Dimension" by Dale Schierholt

Louise Nevelson: A Passionate Life, is now available in a revised eBook edition with a stunning photographic portrait by noted photographer Richard Avedon on the cover.

A revised paperback edition is also available with a photograph of Nevelson at the age of fifty-five on the cover.

Other writings by Laurie about Louise Nevelson
"Louise Nevelson," Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary (Volume Five)

More reviews of Louise Nevelson: A Passionate Life
“The prize comes at last. Louise Nevelson: A Passionate Life just won’t be put down. This biography of a monstre sacre is a tale of hard-tacks heroism and heedless swipes at those who dared to love her.” ~ Interview


"Lisle's view of Nevelson's often ruthless behavior is both compassionate and clear-eyed...[she] has constructed a colorful, rich study of Nevelson's creative evolution...Lisle brings to especially clear light Nevelson's personal, if chilly, flair [giving] A Passionate Life, its gritty richness." ~ Sarah Wright, The Boston Sunday Herald


"Lisle presents a figure whose eroticism seems far richer, far more complex than mere sexual appeal...[seeing] both the pain and the joy surrounding Nevelson's eccentric behavior...The impressive in its thoroughness, which nonetheless results in ‘good reading’ by virtue of its interweaving of personal and professional information, [and] its eclectic introduction of psychological analysis.” ~ Woman's Art Journal